Women and Social Policy: A Reader

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Ann Oakley is one of Britain's most important feminist sociologists. She has transformed the way that we think about gender, housework, motherhood and methods.

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This excellent collection provides easy access to her classic works and combines this with an illuminating contemporary commentary. I loved it. Oakley's Reader is a highly valuable commentary on her work on women, gender and social science methodology.

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Oakley has edited her earlier accounts In the updated version even more information and debate has been compressed and organised into cool and cogent discussion. She has been researching and writing on topics relating to the position of women, gender, reproduction, family life and the role and construction of women in academic culture for forty years.

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Her work is widely cited by school and university students and others within and outside academia as having pioneered a feminist social science. Contents: Part 1: Sex and gender: Introduction; The difference between sex and gender; Genes and gender; A kind of person; Childhood lessons; Science, gender and women's liberation;.

Part 3: Childbirth, motherhood and medicine: Introduction; The agony and the ecstasy; Lessons mothers learn; Medical maternity cases; Mistakes and mystiques of motherhood;.

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Part 4: Doing social science: Introduction; The invisible woman: sexism in sociology; Reflections thirty years on; On being interviewed; Interviewing women: a contradiction in terms? Some dilemmas of the scientific method and 'good' research practice; Paradigm wars: some thoughts on a personal and public trajectory. Publishing with a purpose. Walsh Women and '': Integration or Segmentation; G.

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