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As Ancient One asked Mordo if she was wrong to dismiss their new potential recruit, Mordo identified that Strange was persistent. The Ancient One discerned that Strange was highly ambitious, arrogant, and stubborn, which reminded her of Kaecilius. Ancient One defending the Eye of Agamotto. The Ancient One reminded Mordo that she wouldn't want to enlist another disciple into the Masters of the Mystic Arts and lose him to darkness.

However, Mordo assured her that Strange was different and convinced her that he would be an important asset in the defeat of the Zealots. Despite the Ancient One's initial refusal, she was reminded that Kaecilius 's plan still posed a threat to the Masters of the Mystic Arts, and even, the world.

As a result, she allowed him to stay at Kamar-Taj and be trained to become a sorcerer. Ancient One begins training Doctor Strange. During one teaching session, the Ancient One showed Stephen Strange and other apprentices how spells work, using her Sling Ring to create images and shields from thin air made of pure energy. When Strange questioned how he could possibly do the things she could do, she responded by questioning how he had become a successful surgeon, when Strange explained it had taken years of practice to reach an advanced level the Ancient One told him it was the exact same concept.

When he continued to face difficulty, the Ancient One had Hamir show Strange how to conjure weapons, who had no hands.

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Having witnessed his difficulty in using magic, she promptly abandoned him on the top Mount Everest as an encouragement for him to finally work out how to wield his Sling Ring. Seeing this test, Karl Mordo declared "not again" suggesting that she had used this method of 'encouragement' before to varying success. Strange succeeded in returning Kamar-Taj again only to rapidly progress in magic so much that he found it difficult to work in the conditions offered. Ancient One explaining the Mirror Dimension. Having been informed by Wong that Strange had used the Sling Ring to steal restricted books from the library, the Ancient One decided to teach him how to cast spells a couple days later.

She showed him the Mirror Dimension and explained that it remains present and undetected in the real world. When asked about its purpose, she responded that it contains threats, although issued a warning that it had other purposes. Ancient One is confronted by Doctor Strange.

Photos: See the Ancient Faces of a Man-Bun Wearing Bloke and a Neanderthal Woman

Ancient One disagrees with Doctor Strange. Strange told the Ancient One that his preferred title was "Doctor Strange", insisting that he became a doctor to save lives, not take them. The Ancient One told Strange that his arrogance and ego was his biggest flaw and thus reminded him that he still believed in the delusion that he had control over death, which beings including her had no control over. Strange then noted aloud that the Ancient One was still seeing through him, before pointing out the fact that Dormammu offered eternal life.

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Ancient One tells her secret to Doctor Strange. Having been accused of believing that death could not be controlled, Strange accused her of drawing power from the Dark Dimension. Speechless, the Ancient One continued to listen to Strange, warning him to measure his words carefully. Ignoring her, he continued to reveal that he knew that she used spells from the Book of Cagliostro to extend her longevity. Ancient One warns about the Zealots ' attack. The Ancient One continued to listen to Strange's accusations.

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Doctor Strange assured the two of them that he knew how she worked the spells, relating back to Kaecilius's confession after the Battle at the New York Sanctum. Instead of defending her actions, the Ancient One warned the two sorcerers that the Zealots would regroup soon in their effort to finally destroy the New York Sanctum before leaving. As the Ancient One left, Mordo and Strange fought over the ethics of killing.

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Ancient One arrives in the Mirror Dimension. Mordo stared in shock at the Ancient One, after having realized that she did, in fact, summon Dormammu 's power to enhance her powers as the traditional symbol appeared on her forehead. Making a battlefield out of a subway station, she separated Kaecilius and his Zealots from Mordo and Strange. Kaecilius then reminded the Ancient One of how he had come to Kamar-Taj years ago as a broken man with the desire to overcome his grief.

Ancient One calmly converses with Kaecilius. As Kaecilius then claimed that he initially trusted her to help him find his way only for her to lie to him ever since, the Ancient One responded with her claim that Dormammu has been feeding Kaecilius and his Zealots lies with his promise of eternal life in the Dark Dimension , explaining that living in Dormammu's world would cause them a great deal of pain and suffering. She continued to lecture them before being called a liar.

Ancient One and Tall Zealot getting stabbed. As Doctor Strange rushed her to Metro-General Hospital , where he, Christine Palmer , and Nicodemus West operated on her, the Ancient One left her physical form and went out onto a balcony, prompting Strange's astral form to follow. Once outside, she confessed to Strange that she had always known the exact moment of her death, and though she had only been able to foresee the possibilities of his future, she did know what kept him from true greatness: his inability to learn that the world did not revolve solely around him.

The Ancient One went on to explain that Strange, like Jonathan Pangborn , also had a choice through his newly-acquired magical powers and could have his hands restored to their former state and regain his old life, or he could serve something greater than himself. The Ancient One confessed that she had always hated using the power from the Dark Dimension , but she did it to ensure that she was able to protect the world and that he too would have to bend the rules.

Ancient One tells Doctor Strange about death. Despite agreeing with Strange's assessment that Karl Mordo would fail to understand her perspective, the Ancient One still told him that he needed Mordo's rule-abiding nature, just as Mordo needed his flexibility, for it was only through their cooperation, Dormammu could still be stopped. When Strange argued that he was not ready, the Ancient One told him that no one was ever ready, and took his hand in hers.

With a final piece of advice to him regarding treasuring his time, as well as acknowledging her own fallibility, despite the centuries she had lived, she was also not ready for death and was actually using magic through her astral form to manipulate time so she could watch the snowfall one last time. The Ancient One released Strange's hand and then vanished from the Astral Plane, signifying her death despite Palmer and West's best efforts to save her.

With the Eye of Agamotto , Strange was able to undo most of the Zealots' destruction and resurrect Wong. But when Kaecilius and his followers fought back, Strange had no choice, but to confront Dormammu to call off his attack before creating a time loop in which Strange would resurrect many times until Dormammu agreed to leave Earth forever and claim Kaecilius and the rest of his Zealots as Mindless Ones.

Wong commented that the world of the Ancient One's death will spread through the Multiverse and everyone will learn that the Earth has no Sorcerer Supreme to defend it.

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Strange decided to continue being a Master of the Mystic Arts and became a protector of the New York Sanctum , just as his mentor proposed him to be. Despite their victory, having grown disillusioned with the Ancient One for breaking her own rules and using powers from the Dark Dimension , Mordo left the Masters of the Mystic Arts and started stealing magic from other sorcerers, like Jonathan Pangborn , believing they were "unworthy" of magic. Ancient One encounters Bruce Banner. After the Avengers discovered a method of safely traveling through time, they initiated a Time Heist , which involved them traveling to the past and amassing the Infinity Stones.

Comment by Thottbot approx location of the statue where you use the gem is 27,6. Comment by Thottbot Lord is lvl 38 non elite. Easy to kill. Solod as a 34 feral druid in cat form.

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You can go into stealth right after u summon him. Comment by Allakhazam Managed to get the book, but the body disappeared the first 2 times, so couldn't loot.

The 3rd time it worked. Comment by Allakhazam accidentlysolo'd as a 34 lock Comment by Allakhazam Had to do this twice, corpse poofed on first try as soon as it was killed. Swim and approach from the north to avoid if you want to get this done quickly. Also recommend moving back from statue when you trigger it and kill mob away from statue. First time i killed it it was right on statue and that maybe that was the problem with first attempt Comment by Allakhazam Level 38 Undead Rogue Of course, it's because I read up on the quest here first, but this quest has to be the easiest quest I've seen so far.

The trip there was infinately more difficult as it was time consuming. Pulling the local mobs off the statue first is certainly the key, when I had a safe mob-free radius around the statue, I gemmed it, backed off, and stealthed. Distracted Kragaru, cheapshotted him, then backstabbed him. Health more than half gone, A couple sinister strikes and eviscerate finished him.