The American Mathematical Monthly, Number 1, January 2011

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She studied mathematics at the University of Chicago, and philosophy at Yale University, so that her research focuses on the history and philosophy of mathematics. She lives with her husband and children in State College, Pennsylvania.

During her first career as a mathematics professor, JoAnne Growney began to find time for poetry and now she devotes her time to writing. Beyond presentations and publications, her activities have included translations of Romanian poets and collaborative projects with visual artists and mathematicians. JoAnne has lived mostly in Pennsylvania, but moved 6 years ago to Washington, DC where she teaches an ongoing poetry workshop for mental health clients at a Wellness and Recovery Center. She maintains a blog: Intersections: Poetry with Mathematics at: poetrywithmathematics.

She taught high school mathematics for over 30 years.

The American Mathematical Monthly

Amy is the winner of the Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize. Contact Info. Anyone out there know a music entertainment lawyer or educational publisher interested in helping the cause? All rights reserved. For publicity purposes, you are welcome to use the photo or bio information from my website.

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From my paper in To Improve the Academy. Click HERE to hear a demo recording.

American Mathematical Monthly

Was a winning song in contest by National Museum of Mathematics. Appears in August Amstat News note: I also still love math and am glad mathematicians are increasingly recognizing the importance of statistics.

Research-related publications and preprints

Appears in August Amstat News. However, as a result of recent advances, we now know that there is a large and important intersection between these two subjects.

In fact, in the last thirty years we have learned a great deal about each of these from studying the other. The geometry of Grassmannian manifolds and associated functions which satisfy nonlinear partial differential equations of mathematical physics Classical and quantum integrable particle systems The geometry spectral varieties of commutative rings of partial differential operators.

Solutions to the KP hierarchy associated to higher rank vector bundles over singular rational curves. If you would like a printed copy of any of these articles, please write to me at the address above and I would be happy to send you one.

American Mathematical Monthly Contents—January 2011

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Articles on the Common Core Mathematics Standards

Springer pp. Note: I liked my first draft of this article better than the one which was published. That version was longer and did a better job of introducing ideas like Grasmmannian manifolds which were cut out of the final version at the editor's request. PDF or arXiv or journal.