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She blinks, and I wonder if it is just my imagination. Most cancers, we found, are easily treatable through the introduction of alternate genes into your system. Animal genes. This means that you might experience some side effects as your body adapts to its new chimeric state. I am feeling queasy now. What did they do to me? I throw the quilt off my lap and start feeling my legs and arms for scales.

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I still count ten fingers and ten toes. After that, you will be free to move about the ship and interact with the crew and other passengers. The closest planet we could find is at least another light years away. I stagger over to the mirror across the room. What is different about me?

Glass Chimera, 2nd novel

I begin to take off my clothes and look at every inch of my body as Captain Yeats continues to speak. If you mate with any other healthy passenger on board, we calculate that your human DNA will continue to be dominant for at least seven generations. I turn back to the mirror and look closely at my face.

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  • Murano glass Chandelier "Chimera" a modern and brilliant crystal.

My eyes are still human. My nose, my ears. My mouth….

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The monitor blinks again, and more words appear: DNA: I grab my quilt from off the floor and wrap it around me. The room is not cold, but I am shivering. The computerized voice comes on again. Please return to the bed so you can rest. I barely make it back to the bed before I feel myself drifting away from consciousness.

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I love this genre and you did a wonderful job with the prompt. The idea of amphibian DNA slicing is very intriguing. But now that I reread it, I realize that I put very little emphasis on the space travel and much more emphasis on the DNA thing. What an intriguing piece!! I love the thought and theory of this. Having to preserve the human race to keep it as human as possible.

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Prolonged time in space. I just love the whole thing…would love to see a whole story wrapped around this idea!! The DNA splicing had me curious, then totally blew me away by making it amphibian increasing the creep factor dramatically. Would love to see more of this story!

Nuclear dynamics in a fungal chimera.

So much unknown about the circumstances, but just enough to get a glimpse of what the hell is going on! Was it just yesterday I kissed my mother goodbye and crawled into my stasis capsule? Where are all the doctors? It must be computerized or something. My dry lips crack as they form a smile.

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My mouth… I put the glass of water to my lips and watch myself drink in the mirror. I lower the glass and open my mouth. My tongue is longer. Sort of curled at the end. Both men are initiating efforts to find an earthen stash of rare gold that is reportedly buried on university property, which was formerly the Theseus cotton plantation on the Mississippi River. The conflict of interests between these two young men produces an event that changes both their lives forever. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days.

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