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People were stranded without any communication to the outside world and unable to receive help. Setting up the network finally enabled communication with the aid agencies, with the families of the victims and slowly helped them to begin rebuilding their lives.

So what is PMBOK?

This is not the first time these portable mobile network units have been used for disaster relief. Vodafone India also set up VIN in Chhatrapur, Ganjam district, India to provide assistance after the cyclone Phailini hit India which prompted the largest evacuation in past 23 years [ Bafna13 ]. In February , Vodafone unveiled VIN mini to establish emergency communications in areas that are very hard to reach. It is around 11 kg in weight and can be setup in less than 10 minutes by 1 person. It can be deployed by non-technical people. It is not a replacement for VIN. The VIN mini can cover an area of about meter radius and once deployed, it uses the satellite to host the network.

Although the network does not support data to avoid congestion, it can currently support SMS and up to 5 concurrent voice calls using secure 2G GSM connection. In developing countries, its common for people to have multiple SIM cards to compensate for patchy networks. There would also be a public access point where they provide the SIM cards for free to anyone who does not have the SIM card. The VIM has been tested and is ready for deployment.

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Although created on a much smaller scale with limited power, this portable can be used by individuals during disasters. The products mentioned in this section are unique and very effective innovations by the respective companies.

Effective Customer Communications Management

Apart from hardware based products discussed above, there other software based products which use wireless communications that are just as important. The next section give a brief overview on some of these products.

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In response to various disasters, both man-made and natural, a number of companies and some individuals are providing solutions by creating applications that use mobile and wireless technology for disaster warning and relief operations. The applications currently used during disaster relief and emergency focus mainly on early warning information and emergency response information. Some of these are discussed below. Wildfires in the western United States during the summer of in Colorado, which caused a loss of a lot of lives and property worth millions of dollars, accentuated the need for a reliable warning system.

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  6. The alert systems being deployed at the time were landline-based telephone warning systems which was not effective as the emergency information did not reach the victims. The phones need to be WEA enabled. During an emergency, an authorized government agency would send the emergency messages via.

    Non-Functional Requirements

    LiveSafe is an application that focuses on campus safety was created by Kristina Anderson. It enables two-way communication between the campus police and the students using email, voice or push notification via Wi-Fi or data connections. Kristina, a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting in April who was shot 3 times in the incident, feels that an application like this could have given her and her classmates the opportunity to get to safety. She was shot at am but the first shooting had occurred at am.

    Despite a two and half hour time difference, no one in her class was aware of the shootings prior to the gunman entering her class. A number of colleges have started adopting mobile applications for emergency responses. Following the earthquake in Haiti , Google Inc. The Resources page displays information critical to the particular disaster, The Person Finder application enables the victims to get in touch with friends and families and the Crisis Map displays important location based information like shelters, etc.

    Apple has launched various applications in the App Store that target disaster warning and response. Quake Watch is an application that is used to monitor the earthquakes all over the world [West13]. Shelter View is used to find the nearest shelters for the victims in disaster areas. Communities and Governments around the world are adopting wireless communication for emergency response and disaster relief.

    For example, the Bangladeshi Government has announced a variation of the normal SMS for emergency warnings. In order to ensure that more people see the warning messages, they do not go to the inbox but flash on the user screen. Wireless technologies are becoming more prevalent in disaster relief and warning as they are being proven to be indispensable in emergencies. Wireless technology is the ideal option for these situations since the Local Area Networks and landline-based telephones are also affected or in the worst case, completely collapse.

    In the next section, a brief summary is provided.

    Ensuring strong communication during disaster relief is very important for rescue operations, to locate and give aid, provide access, etc. Tragedies caused by man-made and natural disasters have highlighted serious flaws in the systems currently in place and the need for more effective disaster warning and response system. The overview of the design requirements for emergency networks has shown that the wireless communications currently used in organizations are not very effective for emergency situations. Wireless networks are currently undergoing extensive research to create better wireless systems for disasters and the results can be seen in products like VIN.

    Interpersonal communication

    Wireless networks that handle data traffic well are required as the current solutions focus more on voice communication. Network congestion is another issue that needs to be resolved. The main challenge is to meet these needs under unpredictable conditions and very limited resources. Focus Booster also uses the Pomodoro Technique model for tracking work, but provides a deeper dive into exactly where your time is going.

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    You can link revenue, meetings, and projects to your Pomodoros so you gain a birds-eye view of the impact of your work. Source: Focus Booster. Kiwake is an alarm clock app that infuses your daily alarm with a bit more meaning -- and removes the temptation to snooze. Users have to physically get out of bed, play a brain game, and review their custom goals to shut off the alarm. Source: Kiwake. Many of us find ourselves being unproductive at work because we just can't shake our bad habits.

    This app makes it easier to form productive rituals in and out of work -- just set a goal in the app and access dozens of preset "recipes" of behaviors you must repeat on a daily basis. Over time, these behaviors will become second nature. Source: Loop - Habit Tracker. Developed by three neuroscientists, Focus Will hosts a proprietary collection of music that's been mixed and edited to serve a specific neurological purpose. You can choose from different genres and customize energy level, and Focus Will serves up a collection of tracks specifically designed to help you concentrate and achieve flow.

    Source: Focus Will. Sometimes you just need to go cold turkey. Freedom blocks websites and apps that pull you away from what you're supposed to be doing -- for example, social media and news sites. You can customize recurring "work sessions" that'll start automatically and cut off access to distracting content so you can focus. Source: Freedom. Noisli provides ambient background noise that blocks out outside distraction and helps you focus only on your task at hand.

    You can choose from one of their preset combos, or adjust categories like nature sounds or ocean waves to create your own custom mix of noise. Source: Noisli. See your work in a variety of ways, view your calendar, add new tasks, customize review intervals and more.

    Source: Omni Group. Want to put down your phone and focus? Plant a seed in Forest. As time goes by, the seed grows into a tree. Give in to temptation and leave the app? Your tree will wither. And Forest partners with real tree-planting organization, Trees for the Future, to plant real trees. Source: Forest. Patient Educ Couns. Depression in the elderly.

    Surgeons' tone of voice: A clue to malpractice history. Culturally competent healthcare systems — A systematic review. Am J Prev Med. Maternal acculturation and childhood immunization levels among children in Latino families in Los Angeles. Am J Public Health. Racial and ethnic disparities in the use of health services: Bias, preferences, or poor communication? J Gen Intern Med. Racial differences in the treatment of early-stage lung cancer. N Engl J Med. Patient presentation, interview, consent, and the detection of depression by primary care physicians.

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    Psychosomatic Medicine. The health care experience of patients with low literacy. Arch Fam Med. Health insurance coverage during the years preceding medicare eligibility.