Biostratigraphy in production and development geology

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Petroleum Geology: Basin types and their exploration and production reserves and resources 1

To report a serious incident to DEM, as required by Section 85 2 of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act , licensees should contact the serious incident reporting hotline on: 08 Each package is a consolidated set of seismic and well data to facilitate new ventures and exploration assessments of frontier basins in South Australia. Data releases for other frontier basins will follow. Each of the five volumes in the series is designed to provide professionals in the petroleum industry with a comprehensive summary of South Australia's prospective sedimentary basins.

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Each volume includes the latest information on structural and tectonic history, new seismic mapping, litho- and biostratigraphy, source rocks and maturity, reservoirs, seals, trap development, discovered reserves, field reviews, undiscovered potential, exploration history, infrastructure, economics and land access considerations. The petroleum geology of South Australia, Volume 1 Since research was done for the previous volume 31 wells have been drilled onshore in South Australia and one off shore, km of 2D seismic and km 2 of 3D seismic have been shot and 33 scientific, peer reveiwed papers published in Australian journals.

Cenozoic Foraminifera and Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of the Niger Delta

The Otway Basin is one of a series of basins along the southern margin of the Australian continent. The divergent, passive continental margin extends 4 km west-east, and was formed by rifting of Australia and Antarctica, which was initiated in the Jurassic.

The Otway Basin occurs on and offshore in South Australia and Victoria, and is an established commercially productive basin with several gasfields supplying local markets, and several sub-commercial oil wells. In the last 10 years, considerable deep drilling and high-resolution seismic data have allowed a better appreciation of the structural and stratigraphic complexity of the basin. This has been reflected in the improved success ratios and there is keen competition for vacant acreage by Australian explorers.

The petroleum geology of South Australia, Volume 2 - Eromanga Basin represents the first major compilation of the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the basin in South Australia and aims to assist explorers in understanding its geology and to fully realise its hydrocarbon potential.

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Cookies and privacy policy Course terms and conditions. Production Geology Course overview The course demonstrates the sequence of events that leads from defining and drilling the exploration prospect, into appraisal and then through the producing life of the field.

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The course is designed for Drilling engineers Geologists Geophysicists Reservoir engineers Course outline The appraisal programme: appraisal well locations and analytical programmes; 3-D seismic The static model: lithofacies, macroforms, log correlation, object modelling, reservoir architecture, layering The dynamic model: geocellular modelling, test results, production profiles, simulation, history matching Assessing uncertainty of resource and reserves Declaration of commerciality The FDP field development plan : well locations, treatment facilities, oil andgas transportation, EIA Case studies and examples of appraisal programmes Updating the static and dynamic models based on production results Reserve calculations from volumetrics, decline curve analysis and material balance Locating unproduced HC within a field Additional development plans: infill drilling, secondary and tertiary recovery Abandonment.

The value chain: exploration, appraisal, development, production, abandonment Components of a petroleum accumulation: source rock, reservoir, seal, trap, maturation, migration pathway and timing Exploration methods: gravimetry and FTG; magnetometric surveying; seismic surveying; drilling wells The petroleum system: the source kitchen; migration pathways; reservoirs The petroleum play: source, reservoir and seal. Common segment risk mapping Leads and prospects Volumetrics: in-place and recoverable Risk, uncertainty and probability.

Monte Carlo analysis Economic indicators: NPV, ROR, EMV Selecting the best wildcat well location Designing the wildcat well analytical programme: wellsite geology, mud logging, biostratigraphy, geochemistry, petrophysical logging, coring, testing Analysing and integrating data provided by the wildcat well analytical programme Declaration of a discovery.