An Invitation to Faith

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Invitation to a Life of Faith

We have to use our skills and influence in the world to protect the common good and promote an authentic Christian society. A time to rejoice: John Henry Newman is honoured as a saint. The Church in our country needs an opportunity to celebrate and give thanks…we too often remind ourselves of the problems, challenges, and difficulties that we face, along with reminders that many most?

Orthodox Sermon -- Faith: An Invitation to God

An Invitation to Evangelise Article: Faith Magazine January - February Download Subscribe. Why Newman matters to us Editorial: The single most important fact about ourselves, as human beings, is that we are creatures made in the image of God, our Creator.

Archbishop DiNoia addressed liturgical aspects of the Ordinariates at a conference in Oxford in The Luminous Mysteries — meditations Article: There are many events that anyone would feel welcomed at.


Invitation postcards are available in the Narthex of the church. Invite someone who has struggled or has a question about the church, faith, or anything else to visit with the pastor at one of his scheduled times in the Multi-purpose room.

Invite and encourage someone to get connected. There are many ministries and committees that by participating in them provides a way to meet people and feel a sense of belonging. Sign up to be a greeter at one of the masses.

By doing this you play an integral role in welcoming people your faith home. Commit to develop relationships with the unchurched. Before inviting the unchurched to church, it is important to develop a relationship with them.

Get to know your unchurched friends and neighbors over a meal or dessert. Find interests you share and can enjoy together. Remember, it is their journey and there is nothing for us to fix.

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Sign In. Search Search. Other Sites SalvationArmy. Maria Alfonso was angry at God.

It had been seven years since Maria lost touch with her faith. She felt that God had deserted her and that her prayers were not being answered. I felt sad and lonely.

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Something was missing in my life. Her parents decided to move Maria and her younger brother to Toronto in due to the ongoing conflict in their homeland.


They had high hopes of carving out a prosperous and happy new life in Canada.